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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aditi Technologies SharePoint Interview Questions

 Technical Interview:

1)      What is the difference between webfeature and sitefeature template in onet.xml
2)      How to set the master page at the side definition level?
3)      If you can add feature “id” to onet.xml, what will it happens (means feature is installed or activated if you create a new site by using custom site definition).
4)      Use of “configurations” in onet.xml and webtemp.xml?
5)      If use set “global” to the template name, what will it happens?
6)      What is global site definition means?
7)      ListTemplate gallery, webpart gallery, masterpage gallery are available at which scope level (means it is available only at site level or sub site level also).
8)      By using SharePoint object model, I am adding an item to the list. But list is not exists there, what error will get if run the above code?
9)      Tel me the deployment scope levels of webparts (means webparts can deploy at only site level or farm level and sub site level also?
10)   I made safe control entry for one webpart; I add that webpart to the webpartzone. Now I deleted safe control entry of that webpart, what error will get display while running the webpart in a page?
11)   How to attach event receivers to the document library?
12)   If you open .wsp file, what data contains inside in it?
13)   What is manifest.xml?
14)   How to update “modified” field values (here “modified” field are OOB fields, we can update values to OOB fields).
15)   In webpart life cycle, when the “EnSureChildControls” method will fire?
16)   Webpart life cycle?
17)   How many ways are there to deploy “features” to the site?
18)   Is it necessary to make “SafeControl” entry to the webparts?
19)   When it required to set the “Web.AllowUsafeUpdate=true”?
20)   Difference between set to “AllowUnsafeUpdate=true” for site or web?
21)   “Alternativemapping” means?

Written test:
1)      I don’t want to cache particular page? What is the approach to set it?
2)      Default identity of the application pool?
3)      How can you secure web service?
a.       Forms authentication
b.      Passport authentication
c.       Security token
4)      Which of the following is true if you want to set the session data in state server?
a.       Inprocess
b.      State server
c.       Sql server
d.      None of the above
5)      Isolation levels from lowest to highest?

1)      In connected web part, can have “provider webpart” and “consumer webpart” on different site pages?
2)      Content type ID of document content type?
3)      Can we use audience targeting functionality for security?
4)      Which site template is not available by default in moss?
a.       Wiki Site
b.      Team Site
c.       Blank Site
d.      Publishing Site
5)      To which lowest level the security is applied?
a.       List
b.      List item
c.       Web
d.      Site
e.      Web application
6)      SSP is set of services provided by moss which can be shared across?
a.       Collection web applications
b.      Collection of site collections
c.       Collection of farm level
7)      Which is default credentials used for search functionality?
a.       System account
b.      SharePoint administrator
c.       Network service
d.      Application pool credentials.
8)      Which extra features does one not get in “Enterprise” installation as compared to “Standard” installation?(Ans:- B)
a.       BDC, Excel, InfoPath, Search
b.      BDC, Excel
c.       BDC, InfoPath, Excel
d.      InfoPath, Excel, Search

Will post the answers to the above Questions soon.

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