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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to check if a list template exists or not?

In SharePoint, you will create a list based on existing list template only. Normally, every developer should select “GenericList” template as list template to the newly created lists. Like this way, in my below code I am creating a list based on my custom list template.
#region List Template
String ListTemplateName=”CustomListTemplateName”;
String ListName=”CustomListName”;
SPListTemplateCollection listTempColl = currentSite.GetCustomListTemplates(currentSite.RootWeb);
//checking if the list template exists or not
if (IsListTemplateExists(ListTemplateName, listTempColl) == true)
   //Creating the custom list using custom list template.
     SPListTemplate listQuickLinksTemp = listTempColl[ListTemplateName];
     CreateList(currentWeb, ListName, "Description of the list", listQuickLinksTemp);

#region IsListTemplateExists
 /// FUNCTION     : IsListTemplateExists
 /// PURPOSE      : Checking whether the List exists in the mentioned Web or not
 /// PARAMETERS   : listTempColl -> collection of list templates
 /// strListTemplateName -> A string containing the list template name
/// RETURNS       : The result as a boolean
 public static bool IsListTemplateExists(string strListTemplateName, SPListTemplateCollection listTempColl)
    bool isListTempExists = false;
    try {
      var temp = listTempColl.Cast().FirstOrDefault(x => x.Name.Equals(strListTemplateName));
      if (temp != null)
      isListTempExists = true;
     catch (Exception ex)
   return isListTempExists;


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