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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Intelligroup SharePoint Interview Questions

  1.  What is correlation token?
  2. Explain me the steps how you designed sequential workflow?
  3. How do you integrate workflow to SharePoint?
  4. What is content type?
  5. What is site column?
  6. What is difference between site column and list column?
  7. I have created one site column in parent site will it appear in sub site and vice versa?
  8. What is application pooling?
  9. How do you add item to list?
  10. What is web.allowunsafeupdates?
  11. What is the internal name of the Created By field in list?
  12. What is spsecurity.runwithelevatedprevileges?
  13. How do you update the current user name in Created By/ Modified By field?
  14. Did u develop any custom web parts? Then how?
  15. What are the permission levels in SharePoint?
  16. Can we create our own custom permission levels?
  17. Can we create more than one site collection under one web application?
  18. Can we create windows and form based authentication for the same site?
  19. What is the difference b/w ToString () and convert.Tostring ()?
  20. Can we have nested try blocks and catches?
  21. What is the use of finally block?
  22. Can we use try catch in catch block?
  23. What is the diff b/w stored procedure and function?
  24. What is the diff b/w unique and identity column?
  25. What is indexing? How many types? Which one is best?
  26. How many clustered / non clustered indexes we can create per table?
  27. What is the difference b/w master page and page layout?

Will post the answers to the above Questions soon.

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