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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Create SharePoint list from Visal Studio2012:

In visual Studio 2012, separate tool called “Lists” introduced to create the lists and libraries in more convenient way. Here we can create both customizable and non-customizable lists.
  • Customizable lists means In addition to we can add/create existing/new fields, views etc. with it.
  • Non-customizable lists means it’s just create a new list.
Example1: Create non-customizable list:
1. Here I am creating a new list in SharePoint 2013 site. So, I choose “SharePoint 2013 project”
First, create an empty SharePoint 2013 project.

2. Mention the url for what site you want to debug:

3. Go to “Solution explorer” and right click on the project and select add “Add new item”
4. Select the “Lists” tool and then click on “Add” button.

5. Choose “Create a non-customizable list based on existing list type and select the “Custom List” from the dropdown menu then click “Finish”

6. Final View:

7. If you observe the above image clearly the “Columns” and “Views” tabs are not enabled that means we have chosen “Create a non-customizable list based on existing list type” earlier [see point 5].

8. That’s it. Now deploy the solution to the solution gallery by right clicking the “Deploy” option from the project [solution explorer-->right click on the project and then select “deploy” option]
Now, you will see our newly created list “SampleList” in your deployed site.

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